Office of Sustainability, University of Manitoba - Green Building Analyst

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Job description

The analyst will work with environmental, engineering, architectural and building specialists to assist in the development of a Green Building Policy for the University of Manitoba that identifies priority target areas for new builds and renovation projects.  The candidate will analyse existing university policies and strategy documents, planning documents, project approval frameworks, and construction specifications, recommending changes or updates to support green building objectives.  The candidate will also help the University identify specific objectives and targets for key aspects of high importance to the University such as energy and water efficiency and net zero solutions and work with technical staff on the development of associated guidance documents and specifications.  The analyst will also work with trades, planning, architectural and engineering staff to research alternatives and initiate a list of approved suppliers of green building products for the university.

The position with assist the Director with project scheduling, meeting notes, developing presentations and communication packages for senior management and the steering committee; Prepare proposals and technical reports;  analyze and interpret data, prepare and review project work plans and status reports, assess and project status reports; review and prepare draft construction guidance and specifications.  

Required qualifications

Completion of Bachelor of Engineering, Masters of Architecture, Masters in Environment,  Natural Resources Management from a Canadian university.  Other degrees with similar backgrounds from Canadian universities will be considered.  

Demonstrated interest and experience in the topic area.  Experience with working with data (i.e. green house calculations), conducting research, developing proposals, reviewing or drafting construction specifications, and familiarity with planning, design and construction processes 

Experience working in diverse teams on technical projects with tight deadlines

Experience preparing and making presentations

Professional experience in an office environment




Please describe how this position aims to protect the environment or create a positive environmental outcome

This position will help the University of Manitoba strategically invest in infrastructure renewal in a manner that is consistent with the UM's Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Strategy.  

The position will provide support to put in place the foundational processes, systems and documentation that will allow the university to move to the next level of green development on campus and become a leader in this area.  In real terms this position will be instrumental in assisting the university in achieving reductions of Green House Gases, natural resource depletion and provide healthier environments for its staff, faculty and students and become a platform for student learning and research.  

Please describe how this position is related to the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields

The position will require the individual to conduct research and analysis in the areas or science, technology and engineering.    The intern will learn new knowledge in the area of net zero building development and assess opportunities for future research and application in this area.