Career Connect checklist


Full application submissions must include the following completed and submitted forms through the Mitacs Career Connect portal:

  1. Eligibility check of internship (submitted by Hiring Organization)
  2. Eligibility check of intern (submitted by Intern)
  3. Completed and signed Contribution Agreement form (submitted by Hiring Organization)
  4. Completed and signed Participant Information Form (submitted by Intern)

If you have any questions during this process, please contact

Step 1: Confirm eligibility of the internship

Hiring organizations must pre-screen the eligibility of their internship opportunity by completing and submitting a job posting form.

In the job posting form, hiring organizations may identify a pre-selected intern, or may submit the posting to be published as an open opportunity on the Mitacs Career Connect portal.

Step 2: If necessary, identify an intern

This step can be skipped if the hiring organization has already identified a pre-selected intern in their job posting form. Mitacs will invite pre-selected interns to apply directly to the job posting.

For open internship opportunities, Mitacs will forward the cover letters and CVs to the hiring organization for all candidates that have applied to the posting, as they come in. All applicants who apply to open opportunities will have already completed Step 3 below.

Please note, Mitacs plays no role in shortlisting or identifying candidates beyond meeting the Career Connect program’s minimum eligibility criteria. Hiring organizations are therefore responsible for selecting a candidate in accordance with their hiring policies.

Step 3: Confirm eligibility of the intern

Once an intern is identified by the hiring organization, interns must confirm their eligibility by completing and submitting a job application form. Please note, hiring organizations will be unable to proceed with the application until this step is complete. 

Step 4: Hiring Organization completes and submits the Contribution Agreement form

Once Steps 1-3 are complete, Hiring Organizations will receive an auto-email with a link to complete and submit a Contribution Agreement form. This step can occur simultaneously with step 5 below.      

Step 5: Intern completes and submits the Participant Information Form

Once Steps 1-3 are complete, Interns will receive an auto-email with a link to complete and submit a Participant Information Form. This step can occur simultaneously with step 4 above.    

Step 6: Mitacs review and approval

Mitacs will review the entire application package and will notify all candidates about the outcome of their application.

Successful candidates will receive a formal approval outcome letter once a full application submission has been approved.

Please note that Mitacs does not provide retroactive funding for any project work that starts before the formal approval date of the internship, as specified on the approval outcome letter.

Step 7: Letter of Employment

Hiring organizations are required to confirm their internship by sending a Letter of Employment to

Step 8: Reporting Requirements

To claim the wage subsidy, participating hiring organizations must submit financial reporting at the mid-term and end dates.

Mitacs will send a reporting template with required signatures from the hiring organization and intern confirming salary distribution.