Lakehead University - Algorithm Designer for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Description de poste
  1. The intern will design and simulate various energy efficient algorithms for wireless sensor networks which can be used to monitor and protect the Canadian forestry industry.
  2. Assisting team members in the research on sensor networks.
  3. Writing and disseminating results to the research community through publications and presentations.
Exigences requises
  1. PhD in Computer Science or equivalent (Computer Engineering, Information Technology, etc.). An excellent candidate with Masters degree in CS will also be considered.
  2. Excellent programming experience in either C++ or Java.
  3. Excellent experience in design and implement algorithms.
  4. Excellent communication (writing and presentation) experience.
  5. Excellent experience of networking technologies including sensor networks, RFID networks, etc.
  6. Experience on open source software packages.
  7. Experience of working in a team environment.
Veuillez décrire comment le poste vise à protéger l’environnement ou à produire un résultat positif pour l’environnement

Every year the number of rare species like caribou are decreasing in numbers due to various reasons especially by human activities in the boreal region. Wireless sensor networks have been successfully used to protect and monitor the natural environment. Sensors are deployed to monitor the movements and behavior of the species. Data gathered on these movement and behavior can be helpful to find out the possible reasons of the mortality of these species. However, such networks have yet to be designed in order to protect and monitor the Canadian forest. Designing sensor networks to protect rare species found in Canada will have a great impact on helping to preserve our natural environment. Sensors in a wireless sensor networks mostly use battery power to collect data from the environment and relay these data using its neighbor to the base station. We need to have very efficient energy management scheme (algorithms) to prolong the lifetime of the networks since once sensors loss their energy, they can not work anymore. In addition, these types of algorithms or protocols are dependent on applications. In this project, we will survey various algorithms and will be designing energy efficient algorithms and will use various well known open sourced simulators to evaluate the efficiency of the algorithms for wireless sensor networks.

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Designing and implementing algorithms for wireless sensor networks is one of the most active areas of research in Computer science and engineering. The intern will use his/her learned knowledge to design efficient algorithms, for which good mathematical knowledge and skill will be essentials. He/she will be using programming skills to simulate these algorithms on various open source simulators. In addition, the intern will learn new techniques that will help the research community and developed his/her technical skills.